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InnoPath Demos Practical Application of Over-the-Air Customer Care to Open Mobile Alliance Standards Group

Welcome back from the holidays! Last month, InnoPath was invited by the Open Mobile Alliance to demonstrate the practical applicability of the ‘enablers’ developed within OMA-DM. This is the first time that the OMA Board and Technical Committee have invited a vendor to present, and was evidence of the stability and interoperability of the InnoPath solution. The enablers are key to InnoPath’s ActiveCare solution for over-the-air frontline customer care. Please refer to the OMA presentation linked below, as well as videos of the two parts of the demo, posted on Youtube. Here’s our release:

SUNNVYALE, Calif., July 7, 2009 InnoPath Software, the leader in over-the-air customer care for mobile devices, led the first ever OMA-DM interoperability demonstration at the recently completed OMA meeting in Boston. The company successfully demonstrated its next-generation OMA-DM ActiveCare server with handsets from Nokia running Symbian S60 and from HTC running Windows Mobile 6.1, highlighting interoperability across devices and networks as well as broad industry support. With smartphones costing up to 4x as much to support as traditional featurephones, the ability to effectively support these advanced devices validates InnoPath’s ActiveCare business model for operators, and is proof of the utility and deployability of OMA-DM standards. This tie between standards development and practical use is critical for network operators and device makers.

The demo included five key OMA-DM enabled care capabilities:

- Mobile Check, where the phone is ‘pulsed’ for vitals. This capability is based on the Connectivity Management Object 1.0 (Approved Enabler) and Diagnostics Monitoring 1.0 (draft).

- Mobile Check and Correct for both ActiveSync and public email, saving up to 14 minutes on email support calls. This capability is based on Device Management 1.2 (Approved Enabler).

- Mobile Software Management for lifecycle software management, permitting operators to play a vital role in the application delivery ecosystem. This capability is based on the Software Component Management Object 1.0 (Candidate Enabler).

- Mobile Lock and Wipe for securing the phone. This capability is based on the Lock and Wipe Management Object 1.0 (Candidate Enabler).

The Nokia E71 is a leading smartphone based on Symbian and now available from AT&T (E71x). It runs a Native OMA-DM client. The HTC Tytn II (aka AT&T Tilt) is a widely available Windows Mobile phone, and was demonstrated with InnoPath’ standards-based ActiveCare Client. This client is unique in that it may be loaded onto the phone by the handset vendor or pushed to the phone once it is in the hands of the subscriber, allowing network operators to manage devices that may not have left the factory with device management clients installed.

Check out the OMA presentation on the interoperability demo, a video of the HTC/Windows Mobile component of the demo, and a video of the Nokia/Symbian component of the demo.

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InnoPath Announces Membership in the Symbian Foundation

This morning, InnoPath announced its membership in the newly formed Symbian Foundation. Our membership reflects the importance we place in enabling the Symbian platform with next generation over-the-air care capabilities. If you’re in Vegas, please visit us at CTIA on the 2nd floor of the South Hall (Booth 1090) to learn more and to see our complete ActiveCare solution demonstrated on the Nokia E71, a close cousin to the E71x announced this week by AT&T.

Oh, and check out our new customer care/tech support 2.0 blog we launched last month.

Las Vegas, NV, April 2, 2009 InnoPath Software, the leader in over-the-air Customer Care, is pleased to announce its membership in the Symbian Foundation. InnoPath’s goal is to help increase the supportability of the platform and enhance the end user experience by bringing to the foundation its commercial experience with over-the-air support and updates. The company’s contributions will build upon and enhance the platform’s existing DM capabilities to quickly adapt to mobile operator care initiatives.

InnoPath’s deep understanding of the Symbian platform is manifested in two currently available OMA-DM client solutions:

— A post-load Smart Client extension for Symbian smartphones, permitting operators to enhance the manageability of devices already in the field.

– A fully OMA-DM compliant pre-load client that includes the InnoPath Device Update Agent, enabling firmware updates which enhance functionality, reduce device time to market or address usability or security issues.

The company’s ActiveCare server also supports a rich set of end-to-end functionality with open market handsets that have integrated the existing Symbian OMA-DM client. This includes Mobile Check, Mobile Check and Correct, Mobile Lock and Wipe, Mobile Update, and Mobile Software Management.

Our experience in working with both operators and device manufacturers will bring to the foundation real-world experience in further equipping the platform with compelling over-the-air frontline care capabilities, said David Ginsburg, Vice President of Marketing at InnoPath.

The Symbian Foundation together with its ecosystem is creating the most proven, open and complete mobile software platform which is based on Symbian OS™ and contributed software assets from S60 and MOAP(s). Symbian OS is the leading open mobile operating system that has shipped in more than 250 million mobile devices to date.

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InnoPath Adds LTE Support to ActiveCare MDM Platform

This news lays the basis for true next-generation over-the-air management infrastructure. We’re excited about it. Before we dive further into our news, if you’re going to CTIA, we are too! In fact, InnoPath has been selected as a finalist in the 4G Service Management category for the 2009 CTIA E-Tech Awards. We’ll also be demonstrating our end-to-end ActiveCare solution at Booth 1090 on the 2 nd floor of the South Hall.

Onto the news… InnoPath announced yesterday that it is partnering with its Tier-1 operators globally as part of their planned LTE deployments. This game-changing technology lays the basis for a new mobile landscape, a true next-generation, over-the-air management infrastructure in support of activation and care, and provides a clean break from OMA-CP vendors and their now obsolete platforms. Recently, the GSMA has stated that more than 26 operators worldwide have committed to LTE, with more than 10 expected to launch commercial services by the end of 2010.

Pressures placed on operators with regard to bandwidth, service availability, device procurement and application/device stability, become front-and-center with mobile broadband. Many subscribers, both casual and business, will ‘un-tether,’ using their mobile devices or laptop data cards as their primary means of communication in a mobile broadband environment. They expect that applications will work as advertised, that their phone or laptop is properly configured, and that if they call in with a support problem, the frontline care agent is able to quickly troubleshoot the device, determine what is wrong, and take corrective action.

InnoPath’s ActiveCare server simultaneously supports CDMA, GSM, WiMAX and now LTE, effectively tying the circuit/SMS world with IP. This support leverages the extensibility of the platform as well as the company’s deep understanding of OMA-DM standards evolution and the deployment plans of its Tier-1 customers. Key elements of the company’s LTE support include:

- Activation The InnoPath solution offers operators the ability to effectively detect, provision and customize devices over an IP-centric LTE network. It supports extensibility customized for a specific operator deployment, such as gathering the current SIP or IP address for client-server interaction.

- Device Support The InnoPath solution supports both LTE-only devices as well as ‘dual-mode’ devices used in phased operator deployments. InnoPath only requires an OMA-DM client on the device which can be either pre-loaded or post-loaded into the mobile device. InnoPath ActiveCare is compatible with both planned FDD and TDD LTE (TD-LTE) deployments.

- Standards Evolution InnoPath, drawing on its strong track record of innovation, is helping to drive the completion of DM 1.3 within OMA-DM. DM 1.3 provides for provisioning and management of native IP devices over-the-air by supporting non-SMS based bootstrap. Looking to the future, InnoPath is helping drive the definition of DM 2.0.

- Care InnoPath’s complete ActiveCare capability set and Smart Client are deployable within LTE with a goal of reducing client server network bandwidth, average call time and increasing customer satisfaction.

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InnoPath & Mentor Graphics Deliver MDM for Nucleus; Advanced Feature Phone Platform Gains OMA-DM, Firmware Update Capability

This morning, InnoPath and Mentor Graphics announced a partnership to make available the InnoPath DM engine and Device Update Agent as a pre-integrated solution for the Nucleus operating system. Nucleus is shipped on hundreds of millions of featurephones annually worldwide. Providing device manufacturers who use Nucleus with a solution that helps with both time-to-market and porting costs will accelerate the deployment of Mobile Device Management, and with it, InnoPath’s ActiveCare solution for MDM-delivered customer care.

Please visit us next week at the MWC! The full Press Release can be found here and below:

Sunnyvale, CA, February 10, 2009 - InnoPath Software, the leader in Mobile Device Management (MDM), today announced the availability of its OMA-DM client and Device Update Agent (DUA) as a pre-integrated and validated solution on the Mentor Graphics Nucleus Real Time Operating System. The combined solution, available globally, allows device makers to meet increasing demands by operators for over-the-air manageability in new handsets. MDM will allow device makers to get handsets to market faster while operators will benefit from lower costs and enhanced subscriber satisfaction.

Mentor Graphics selected InnoPath based on their demonstrated engineering track record, financial stability, in-region operational capabilities and intimate client experience involving some of the largest handset vendors in the world, said Glenn Perry, general manager, Embedded Systems Division, Mentor Graphics. Industry-leading device management on the Nucleus platform delivers significant value to mobile handset manufacturers, offering proven performance, scalability, flexibility, error recovery, and demonstrated interoperability.

“Mentor’s Nucleus Real Time OS is the most widely deployed commercial embedded OS in the mobile handset market today due to its small footprint, power-efficiency, real time performance and flexibility, significantly streamlining handset development time and cost, said David Ginsburg, Vice President of Marketing at InnoPath. With the deployment of MDM on Nucleus, wireless operators get lower costs, more customer satisfaction and better brand loyalty.

InnoPath will be demonstrating its complete MDM solution as well as its Nucleus port at stand 1F39 in Hall 1 at the Mobile World Congress, held next week in Barcelona.

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InnoPath Introduces First MDM System Tying Smartphone, Advanced Featurephones to Customer Care

Although you may have already caught Rich Karpinski’s coverage of our news, I wanted to share here too! InnoPath launched its Mobile Device Management (MDM) enabled solution for customer care ActiveCare. Through this solution, based on our unique experience in delivering products to both operators and handset vendors, the company is addressing key operational and customer satisfaction concerns facing Tier-1 operators and mobile phone manufacturers. ActiveCare is based on a demonstrated ROI, near-term deployability, and the financial stability of a company that has now been profitable for nine quarters.

InnoPath will demonstrate this end-to-end ActiveCare solution at MWC, showing how it can make a difference today. We will also be conducting a set of ROI workshops for operators. If you’d like to schedule a briefing and have not already done so, please contact Teresa at

Please view the following flash for additional background on the solution. The full Press Release can be found here; and finally, here’s a quote from analyst firm IDC’s Stephen Drake, that’s in the release:

In the current climate, being able to offer a solution that is immediately deployable, reduces churn and is capable of generating concrete returns on the investment is critical within the MDM space. Successful suppliers of MDM solutions should seek to tie MDM to one of the few remaining strategic differentiators available to the Tier-1 operator by addressing the operators’ single largest operational expense customer care.

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InnoPath Selected by the GSM Association as a Global Mobile Awards Nominee

On Wednesday, InnoPath announced that we have been shortlisted by the GSMA for the 2009 Mobile World Congress Award, Best Billing/Customer Care Solution. This acknowledges the mission-critical role that MDM will play in frontline care in the coming years as a tool to reduce operational expenses while increasing customer satisfaction. We will be demonstrating our end-to-end care solution in Barcelona please drop by or drop me a line for a scheduled briefing. The full press release is here.

Some quotes from the release:

Our congratulations go to all the nominees in this year’s Global Mobile Awards, said Rob Conway, CEO of the GSMA. In an uncertain economic climate, mobile communications continue to drive social, economic and technological development, as the calibre of entries this year again illustrates. To have been nominated from such a high quality field of more than 450 companies that entered is a tremendous achievement, and we await the announcement of the winners at the next month’s Global Mobile Awards evening in Barcelona with great interest.”

Operators must have the tools at their disposal to effectively address the care requirements of smartphones, advanced featurephones and the services they support, said John Fazio, President and CEO of InnoPath. In an era where CAPEX budgets are being reduced, the focus on subscriber satisfaction remains a critical initiative. InnoPath has a proven track record in the delivery and support of complete end-to-end solutions targeting care organizations at the largest of operators. We thank the GSMA for recognizing the leadership role InnoPath is playing in evolving MDM into a mission critical solution.

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InnoPath Receives PoY Award from CIS Magazine - MDM Server and Client Solution Honored for Outstanding Innovation

Greetings! Today we announced that InnoPath has received a Product of the Year award from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine, a TMC publication focusing on CRM, call centers (or is that call centre?) and the like. The Product of the Year award validates InnoPath’s move into the customer care space and helps illustrate how MDM is seen as not only creating value with the likes of FOTA but is also increasingly being seen as a vehicle for delivering better support at lower costs. With the current economic downturn impacting budgets across the globe, the ability to deliver better customer care while reducing OPEX is seen as a strategic differentiator working in our favor.

The full Press Release can be found here and below… also! Please join us in Hall 1 at the upcoming MWC in Barcelona for a comprehensive demo of our MDM-delivered care solution.

InnoPath Software, the leader in Mobile Device Management, today announced that its MDM solution has received a 2008 Product of the Year Award from TMC’s Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, the leading publication covering CRM, call centers and teleservices since 1982. With the growth of over-the-air manageable phones, MDM is increasingly critical to mobile network operator frontline support organizations because of the ability of the technology to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. The award acknowledges the crucial role MDM now plays as part of the operator’s overall customer support strategy.

Smartphones help drive revenue but they can be hard to use and expensive to support. MDM addresses both points, said David Ginsburg, Vice President of Marketing at InnoPath. Our combined client and server products, the result of years of experience working with Tier-1 operators and device manufacturers, result in a rapidly deployable solution with a proven ROI. This provides operators with near-term financial returns on their MDM investment, critical in today’s capital constrained environment.

I am pleased to honor InnoPath for their hard work and accomplishments. Their commitment to quality and excellence benefit the contact center experience as well as ROI for the companies that use them, said Nadji Tehrani, Executive Group Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of CIS. For 11 years, Customer Interaction Solutions magazine has recognized the companies which demonstrate excellence in technological advancement and application refinements.

The 11th Annual Product of the Year Award winners will be featured in the January 2009 issue of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine.

InnoPath will be demonstrating its lifecycle MDM-enabled customer care solution at its booth in Hall 1 at the Mobile World Congress, held February 16-19 in Barcelona. More information is available here.

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The Nightmare After Christmas: Solving a Frightful Call Center Scenario

In the spirit of the holiday season, we at InnoPath have issued a PR and accompanying poem that calls attention to the challenges of smartphone support. Mobile Device Management (MDM) helps address usability issues, reducing operator expenses while increasing customer satisfaction. We’ll all look forward to a prosperous, MDM-enabled new year, and for those traveling to Barcelona, we’ll see you there.


Santa doesnWe usually think of smartphones at holiday time as bright shiny objects under the treeour dream giftbut will they also prove to be a mobile operator’s worst nightmare? With each passing season, more and more smartphones are in the hands of increasingly unsophisticated subscribers. Operators look upon these subscribers to generate the highest revenues, and they may in fact be the most loyal as well (if all works correctly). But there is a dark side of the bargain: they cost more to support. Sometimes, much more.

A single mis-configured email setting may result in a 30-minute support call working the subscriber through arcane menus and settings, eliminating any profit he or she was expected to bring to the table. Compounding the problem, the operator must train skilled frontline care personnel at additional expense. This in the face of mandates for cost-cutting due to an uncertain economic future, and the need to maintain usability of phones in the hands of subscribers for longer periods of time due to slower replacement rates.

MDM technology provides the operatorfor the first timewith a live, over-the-air management channel to the phone, offering a way out from this Dickinsonian nightmare. It re-invents the interaction between the subscriber and frontline care, reducing operational expenses and increasing customer satisfaction through first-time problem resolution.

The Nightmare After Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thru the call center,

Not a dialpad was stirring, from a frustrated dissenter.

The customer care reps were home without care,

Knowing support calls could not reach them there.


Shorten your calls, and take care of your subs,

This is Mobile Device Management; they don’t sell it in pubs.

Fix Windows, fix Symbian, fix Android as well,

LiMO and others? Too many to tell!

Read more!

MDM enables the operator’s care organization to provide better service with reduced expenses despite increasing device and service complexity. InnoPath is unique in delivering a device management solution, which while fully standards compliant, is also highly flexible, extensible and quickly implemented. The ROI for MDM-enabled customer care has been illustrated in a recent study by analyst firm Stratecast, which places the annual global operator exposure at more than $25 billion, billions of which may be saved through use of MDM. Interested parties can review a copy of this study. InnoPath will demonstrate its complete MDM-enabled Customer Care solution at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, 16-19 February, in Barcelona.

In the spirit of the season, the employees of InnoPath would like to wish everyone happy holidays and a healthy new year.

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InnoPath Heads North Leading Device Management Client Deployed by LG on Handsets at Canada’s Telus and Bell Mobility

Welcome back from the holiday weekend everybody… today InnoPath issued a release as evidence of both our continued momentum in the OMA-DM client space and the flexibility of our client in addressing differing operator requirements. MDM is at an inflection point, with operators now mandating client support on all new mid-range and high-end handsets. This availability, critical in the face of rising smartphone support costs coupled with pressures to reduce OPEX, is expected to jumpstart operator MDM deployments, thereby setting the stage for MDM-delivered customer care. In an environment where subscribers keep their phones for longer periods of time, the in-service maintainability offered by MDM is even more critical. Read more here.

And now for more details on how InnoPath reduces operator OPEX and creates a more positive user experience… (full press release follows, and can also be reached at this link).

InnoPath Software, the leader in Mobile Device Management (MDM), today announced that LG Electronics of Korea, one of the largest mobile phone makers in the world, has expanded its use of InnoPath device management for Canada’s Telus and Bell Mobility. New feature-rich phones with the InnoPath OMA-DM device management client include the Telus Keybo, as well as the Voyager offered by both Telus and Bell Mobility.

The deployment of the InnoPath client on these new handsets builds on LG’s existing North America Tier-1 relationship with InnoPath. A major supplier of leading-edge mobile phones worldwide, LG also counts Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint as major North American operator partners. For LG, not only was industry-leading client technology critical, but InnoPath’s unique operational support capability was also key. Both wireless operators and handset makers like LG now consider MDM clients to be strategic to their business models, helping to reduce operational expenses while creating a more positive user experience.

LG, one of the most innovative handset vendors, continues to gain global market share based on handset design, feature set, usability, and reliability. The company is also the first major device manufacturer to embrace InnoPath’s breakthrough Port-to-Production (P2P) offering. This program addresses device maker goals of accelerated time-to-market for new handsets, management of costs and the uptake of new high ARPU handsets with maximum customer satisfaction. It includes engineering assistance as well as lab and server resources from initial client porting through testing, and onto final acceptance by the wireless operator.

MDM enables the operator’s care organization to provide better service with reduced expenses despite increasing device and service complexity. InnoPath is unique in delivering a device management solution, which while fully standards compliant, is also highly flexible, extensible and quickly implemented. The ROI for MDM-enabled customer care has been illustrated in a recent study by the analyst firm Stratecast which places the annual global operator exposure at over $25 billion, billions of which may be saved through MDM.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest changes and additions to InnoPath’s website, please subscribe to our RSS feed.

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InnoPath Continues MDM Leadership by Announcing Support for the Newly Ratified OMA-DM SCOMO Standard

As part of InnoPath’s continuing support of OMA-DM, and commensurate with the leadership role we play, today we announced the advancement of SCOMO to Candidate Enabler. This is a major step, in that vendors may now develop to and test against what is considered a stable implementation. The company was the first to demonstrate a pre-standard implementation at the Mobile World Congress in Feb 2007 with pre-standard clients from Nokia, as well as with our own client, and since that time has worked with both operators and handset partners to complete the standard. SCOMO, as well as continuing work on LAWMO, DCMO, and Diagmon, will complete the remaining pieces of the OMA-DM puzzle, enabling a rich set of standards-based advanced customer care and Enterprise Device Management capabilities.

Here’s a quote from the release: Mobile Device Management is evolving from point products based on customized platforms to a general solution providing care for both consumers and enterprises, said David Ginsburg, InnoPath’s VP of Marketing. That the industry has converged on SCOMO for lifecycle application management is a sign of a maturing market. Read the full press release here.

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