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The Green Phone

Nokia 3110 EvolveNokiais following its offspring down the path of feel-so-good environmental conciousness. Last month Nokia Siemens Networks revealed its green base station efforts, and now Nokiais complementing itwith a green phone platform. (Also check out our Podcast with NSN’s Sue Schramm.) At its annual customer and analyst hootenanny, Nokia World, the vendor took the wraps off the 3110 Evolve, a device housed in 50% recycled material with a power supply that actually drainsno electricity–or at least 94% less–from the wall socket when the phone is not connected (If you didn’t know, that charger you keep so callously plugged in 24-7 is actuallyspewing wasted power into the ether–for shame!)

If you’re hoping to get the new phoneto match your Toyota Prius and compost heap, don’t hold your breath. A tri-band phone with no cellular radio, U.S. carriers aren’t likely to pick up the3110anytime soon. But according to Nokia, this isn’t a theme phone designed for tree-huggers; it’s just the first release in what will be enhancements to its entire product line. The charger, for instance,eventually will be shipped with all of its phones.And as for its covers, Nokia is already working on the next step. Nokia research head Bob Iannucci saidthe labsare developing injection-molded plastic made from polylactic acids. Not only would they come from 100% renewable resources such as cornstarch, but they’d be 100% biodegradable. You can toss your phone right on the compost heap–well, the covers at least.

Don’t give Nokia the Nobel PeacePrize just yet. Greenpeace let the company have itlast week, accusing it of only paying lip service to environmental issues. It found that Nokia hadn’t implemented the phone recycling program it had touted around the world. Though not that many people will buy their phones on Greenpeace’s recommendation, it doesn’t exactly boostthe Finnish manufacturer’sgreen reputation. Greenpeace, however, did give the vendor credit for eliminating a lot of the harmful chemicals in its phones.


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