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Clearwire C-Level overhaul continues

Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR) isn’t the same company it was a year ago–in the executive ranks at least. Nearly all of the initial executive team formed after Sprint (NYSE:S) merged its WiMax assets with the wireless ISP has either left the company or has beenmoved intoless-influential roles. The latesthead-officecasualties announced todayare chief strategy officer Scott Richardson, who joined Clearwirefrom Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)after leading the latter’s highly global WiMax efforts, and chief financial officer David Sach, who joined the company just last January after the Sprint-Clearwire deal closed. more

The growing video age gap

It’s no surprise that online video skews to the young, but it’s always interesting to see some hard data to back it up.


So Al Gore invented the Internet and Barack Obama could turn it off?

Word today of the latest draft of proposed Senate bill that would allow the president to temporarily assert control over the public Internet in the event of a so-called “cybersecurity emergency.” more

Apple approves rival music app — just the start?

Online, ad-supported music service Spotify — available only in Europe so far, but garnering tremendous attention — could be set for yet another leap forward as Apple has apparently approved an iPhone version of the app. more

Why is Vonage stock suddenly going bananas?

Vonage stock, sitting at about 38 cents seven trading days ago, has exploded, hitting a high of $2.24 (or a 495% increase) before settling at about $2.00 mid-day Thursday. Have we seen the peak or as their more upside to come? Who knows?

The more compelling question may be why the huge jump in the first place?


VZW: Focus on the free stuff

While the FCC debates whether to look into Verizon Wireless and AT&T’s competitive and pricing practices, VZW has taken an interesting strategy to combat any negative perceptions about the operator: rather than focus on what customers pay for, it’s focusing on what they get for free. more

Making money on things ‘you can’t make money with’

One of the challenges of the Web/new media/social media/etc. is: how do you monetize it? If content wants to be free, social media activity is junky,” user-created content is a scary wildcard and advertising is in a hole that (perhaps) isn’t coming back, how do next-generation content makers and distributors make a buck? more

Charting the digital divide

I started playing with some of the broadband data released today by the Communication Workers of America to get a rough picture of the US digital divide: more

Connecting the Dots: Apple-Google-AT&T-Rhapsody-RingCentral-Etc.

Is it hyperbole to say that the future of the online application ecosystem is starting to be determined this week?

Probably not.

Theoretical discussions about closed carrier decks, open access networks, app stores and more are fine, but the actual future gets played out not in theory but reality.


Verizon Business offers IP-based hosted IVR

Verizon Business (NYSE: VZ) is offering a new IP version of its hosted interactive voice response (IVR) service as an alternative to the circuit-based TDM IVR it’s been hosting for eight years, mostly to customers in the financial, health care and government verticals.

The new service, based on Nuance Communications’ (NASDAQ: NUAN) speech-recognition platform, accommodates IP-based call centers and makes it easier to deal with multiple data sources, Verizon said. An API lets callers interface directly with back-end databases and customer relationship management platforms. For example, it allows web-based applications to respond to customers’ calls by retrieving their personal call history and transactions. Also, callers who need to speak to agents can be directed to them via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or, if IP-based centers are busy, to legacy TDM call centers.

This enables the enterprises to migrate to IP at their own pace, said Tom Smith, group manager for Verizon’s IVR and speech product marketing. They can continue to leverage their legacy TDM infrastructure while rolling out IP infrastructure to handle any growth or replace end-of-life TDM equipment.


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