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Google espionage: Nexus 1 targeting AWS 3G bands

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) may not be saying anything about its top-secret smartphone, but a lot of other people are. Clandestinely shot photos and videos of the Nexus One have begun appearing on blogs, and Google employee tweets are buzzing about the device across the Web. Gizmodo’s Jason Chen has apparently even gotten a sneak peak at the HTC-built device, facilitated by some modern day tech deep throat. Most astonishing, though, is that actual specs for the Nexus have begun emerging, and they reveal that Google may be eschewing AT&T’s (NYSE:T) big audience in favor of its old partner T-Mobile (NYSE:DT).


Google Voice hits iPhone — sort of, and what it means

Google Voice users — not to mention the FCC, we’d imagine — are still waiting for Apple to approve Google’s submission of its Google Voice iPhone app. In the meantime, developer RiverTurn  has created a browser-based approximation of an iPhone Google Voice app, dubbed VoiceCentral and now available in limited beta.  more

Best of 2009: Most overhyped technologies

In our humble opinion, these technologies got way too much attention in 2009:

More after the break, including our readers’ responses… more

Genband’s Nortel bid continues VoIP-as-app trend

Genband’s bid for Nortel’s carrier VoIP equipment business — if it succeeds — could give the vendor a more direct relationship with the world’s largest carriers than it currently enjoys through its major vendor partners. But the deal could also be seen as further solidification of the VOIP equipment space as the domain of specialist suppliers, according to Elisabeth Rainge, IDC’s director of NGN operations.

“Clearly, given Genband’s acquisitions of assets from NSN, Alcatel-Lucent and others in the past few years, it makes sense that those larger players wouldn’t have a strong interest in taking on the Nortel CVAS VoIP asset,” Rainge said in an email. “For better or for worse, what we’re seeing with this move — assuming it goes through — is that More...VoIP infrastructure is a market for experts. No longer is it the expertise or possibly even the bread and butter, of the traditional telecom network equipment vendors. This is partly an acknowledgement that voice is an application and partly an outcome of the state of voice infrastructure for the largest operators. In a nutshell, the IP transformation is not only underway but today’s reality. To build on IP networks means treating voice as an application.”

Acquiring assets from major vendors and using them to create products that major vendors want has been key to Genband’s success, though the novel strategy is not an easy one to pull off. Likewise, integrating Nortel’s products with its own will be no small task for Genband, Rainge said, especially since the latter’s existing portfolio is already packed with gear from previous acquisitions.

“Genband has a continuing, and now expanding challenge in product portfolio management. I don’t envy their sales team with so many acquired product lines in the fold, especially for long-lived investments such as we see in the TDM-VoIP space,” Rainge said. “There is no doubt that Genband already offers and supports many voice infrastructure solutions. In taking on the Nortel assets, Genband will need to work to position itself as a product company with its own mission rather than a caretaker of a variety of products.”

One bright side for Genband: The shedding of similar assets from major vendors means the company is unlikely to enter a bidding war for Nortel’s business with much larger rivals.

Best of 2009: Most interesting exits; foot-in-mouth moments

In 2009, some companies adhered to the philosophy ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, leave the market’:

The biggest foot-in-mouth moments after the break… more

Is there potential for evolved-EDGE networks?

Forget 4G or even 3G, ABI Research is predicting that an evolved version of 2G EDGE networks could be big if it fulfills its potential – but that is a big if. ABI said today in a research note that the “Evolved” enhancement of today’s widespread EDGE mobile networks (E-EDGE) could generate nearly $3.7 billion in capex for cellular base station upgrades in 2015, but that depends on operators and handset makers adopting the technology. more

Best of 2009: New services we’d like to see

Call it wishful thinking, but we’d love to see some new – and promised – services in 2010; and not just from Google either:

  •  Completely cloud-based media: photos, music, books, etc.
  •  Augmented reality for mobile goes mainstream
  •  Social search. We want our search engines to anticipate our every move and respond accordingly.

More after the break, including our readers’ responses… more

Flurry, Pinch Media merge analytics businesses

flurry-pinch.jpgSmartphone application analytics start-ups Flurry and Pinch Media announced today they will merge their businesses, making them the analytics authority for the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android devices. Combined, the two companies will cover more than 80% of all iPhones (or four out of every five on the market), iPod Touch and Android devices (or two out of three) worldwide. more

Best of 2009: Lessons learned overseas

Not every trend starts in the developed markets and trickles down to emerging markets; some trickle up:

  •  Mobile money matters.
  •  Customers will pay rationally for mobile service – prepaid, tiered pricing, etc – if you ask them. But if you just offer them the world (unlimited usage) it’s hard to take it back from them.

More after the break… more

Best of 2009: Most bizarre applications

With millions of mobile apps on the market, there were bound to be some strange ones:

  •  Baby Shaker. And by bizarre, we mean offensive, inexcusable and how did this ever make it on through the iPhone App Store approval process?
  •  The upskirt iPhone app?

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