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Best of 2009: Top feuds

Sometimes competition can turn into all-out feud:

  •  AT&T – Verizon “map” advertising wars. AT&T failed when it tried shut VZW down in court, and the commercials just keep getting juicer.
  •  Verizon CEO to Hulu: “You’ll be dead in 2 years”

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Best of 2009: Web trends service providers shouldn’t ignore

If it’s booming on the Web now, service providers better take note:

  •  Real-time everything – when Google added “real-time search” to its listings in December, the Web moved from static/archive to a living, breathing thing.
  •  Online TV and video – with any business model and from any source.

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Best of 2009: Connected Planet staffs’ favorite mobile apps

In addition to our mobile phones, in 2009 we were addicted to:

  •  Real mobile browsers – starting with iPhone but by year end available on most smartphones (though Blackberry and WinMo browsers still lag) – Editor in Chief Rich Karpinski
  •  Google Goggles – Executive News Editor Ed Gubbins
  •  Seafood Watch – Is the tuna that looks so good at the supermarket actually endangered? – Senior Editor Kevin Fitchard
  •  Words with Friends on the iPhone 3G. It’s not groundbreaking; just free Scrabble on your phone. It has made an honest Scrabbler out of me. – Associate News Editor Sarah Reedy

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Best of 2009: Most overhyped technologies

In our humble opinion, these technologies got way too much attention in 2009:

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Best of 2009: Most interesting exits; foot-in-mouth moments

In 2009, some companies adhered to the philosophy ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, leave the market’:

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Is there potential for evolved-EDGE networks?

Forget 4G or even 3G, ABI Research is predicting that an evolved version of 2G EDGE networks could be big if it fulfills its potential – but that is a big if. ABI said today in a research note that the “Evolved” enhancement of today’s widespread EDGE mobile networks (E-EDGE) could generate nearly $3.7 billion in capex for cellular base station upgrades in 2015, but that depends on operators and handset makers adopting the technology. more

Best of 2009: New services we’d like to see

Call it wishful thinking, but we’d love to see some new – and promised – services in 2010; and not just from Google either:

  •  Completely cloud-based media: photos, music, books, etc.
  •  Augmented reality for mobile goes mainstream
  •  Social search. We want our search engines to anticipate our every move and respond accordingly.

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Flurry, Pinch Media merge analytics businesses

flurry-pinch.jpgSmartphone application analytics start-ups Flurry and Pinch Media announced today they will merge their businesses, making them the analytics authority for the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android devices. Combined, the two companies will cover more than 80% of all iPhones (or four out of every five on the market), iPod Touch and Android devices (or two out of three) worldwide. more

Best of 2009: Lessons learned overseas

Not every trend starts in the developed markets and trickles down to emerging markets; some trickle up:

  •  Mobile money matters.
  •  Customers will pay rationally for mobile service – prepaid, tiered pricing, etc – if you ask them. But if you just offer them the world (unlimited usage) it’s hard to take it back from them.

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Best of 2009: Most bizarre applications

With millions of mobile apps on the market, there were bound to be some strange ones:

  •  Baby Shaker. And by bizarre, we mean offensive, inexcusable and how did this ever make it on through the iPhone App Store approval process?
  •  The upskirt iPhone app?

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