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VoIP app hunt continues…Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Veraz, etc.

The never-ending search to find the right formula to do for apps on voice-over-IP and carrier networks what the iPhone (and maybe now the Droid?) has done on mobile networks continues unabated. In this episode, we hear from Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Veraz and others. … more

Google Voice gets ‘poor man’s’ number portability

Google keeps chipping away at telco-functionality, quite aptly one service release at a time. Up today: Google Voice will now work with user’s existing mobile (and only mobile) telephone googlevoice.gifnumber, bringing the service’s voice mail features to the number they already own and use. Since Google Voice is free anyway, users get the best of its features without having to change their number — bingo, quasi number portability. Via a simple set-up screen that helps users forward their missed calls over to Google, a user’s carrier voice mail is simply switched out for Google.


Telecom well-represented among ‘100-oldest domains’

This one is more interesting than anything: Via Digg today, a list of the 100 “oldest” domain registrations. Quite a few telecom entrants — some still in existence, but several ghosts of companies past — made the list. Click through for a trip down memory lane. more

Biller beware: iPhone gets app transaction engine

The operator advantage of having the sole billing relationship with mobile subscribers is slowly but surely slipping away.

The latest salvo: Apple is now allowing so-called “in-app” transactions, which means that developers can now charge subscribers for services directly from within an app, enabling so-called freemium and other innovative billing relationships with customers.


Google growth engine revving up again

With Google’s strong earnings report yesterday also comes the specter of more investment and more potential monetization of Google properties, an increasing number of which fall squarely in telecom/mobile markets. more

How NOT to run a cloud service

If you’ve ever had a PC crash, you know how painful it is to lose personal data. Most times, you have only yourself to blame for not backing up your data properly.But what if the entity to blame should know better for instance, the provider of a cloud computing service? Just how much blame, and recrimination, should there be to go around? more

How real is the cloud? Evidence from IBM, Amazon

Yesterday, we ran a story on a Yankee Group survey showing that the economy had slowed many companies plans to adopt so-called cloud computing efforts. Oracle’s outspoken boss Larry Ellison has also been pounding the approach, dubbing it “water vapor” in one report. But there’s some proof of momentum and growth as well.


AT&T vs. Google: Does net neutrality cross industry lines?

So what does it mean to be a telecom service provider, or more specifically, and in the most legalistic terms possible, a “carrier?”


Can telco developer programs beat app stores?

While the iPhone app store has quickly stamped out 75,000 apps and stolen the lion’s share of attention, is the app store the right approach?

An interesting post over on the Telco 2.0 blog (run by U.K. consultancy STL Partners), which earlier this year made the bold claim that Litmus, the developer program for U.K. mobile operator O2, is “better than the Apple app store.” more

Zune, WinMo updates offer hints at Microsoft strategy

We’ve spent plenty of cycles wondering how Google, Apple and others are evolving as telecom competitors, but what about the true big-daddy, Microsoft? The company certainly has its share of hits (Outlook/Exchange), misses (Connected Sandbox) and question marks (Bing, Azure) in the telecom/Web area. This week we saw important hints of their future path in updates of its Zune media player and its soon-to-be-launched Windows Mobile 6.5.



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