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FLO TV launches audience measurement system

FLO TV might not be willing to tell exactly how big its audience is, but it will sell second-by-second viewership data of its subscribers to get advertisers on board. The multicast mobile television service, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM), today announced it has partnered with digital audience measurement company Rentrak (NASDAQ:RENT) to provide comprehensive standard viewership and impression reporting for Qualcomm’s FLO TV live mobile TV service. more

CDMA getting voice boost

When Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ, NYSE:VOD) chief technology officer Tony Melone raised the possibility last spring of sunsetting VZW’s EV-DO network after its long-term evolution (LTE) network took root, he made no such proscription for the operator’s 2G network. CDMA 1X will be with Verizon for the long haul, he said, for the simple reason it does voice efficiently and well. And with new technology improvements to the decade-old 1X standard, CDMA will do voice even better in the future–on the order of four times more efficiently. more

As carriers gird for FCC fight, an omen down under

As the new FCC Chairman focuses “relentlessly” on competition, he cannot have failed to notice the recent admission of Australian carrier Telstra that it has engaged in anti-competitive practices, denying rivals the legal right to interconnect by falsely claiming there was no room for new equipment in seven exchange facilities – an admission that came only after the departure of its former chief executive officer, Sol Trujillo.

Known for his adversarial relationship with unions and the government (which owned the company just four years ago and still owns a large part), Trujillo will be remembered by Australians as “the one who took on the government and lost,” one analyst said. As the former CEO of US West, Trujillo must have been shocked to learn that a Fortune 500 company can take on the government and lose. Now Australia is barreling ahead with an ambitious plan to build a $34-billion open nationwide network, dramatically changing Telstra’s tone and inspiring others around the globe. more

Sprint adds WiMax to WiFi router as it prepares to expand 4G coverage

As Sprint (NYSE:S) prepares to expand its 4G footprint beyond Baltimore, it is tweaking its product portfolio to take advantage of the enhanced speeds of Clearwire’s WiMax network. It has begun selling dual-mode WiMax-EV-DO versions of Novatel’s MiFi personal hotspot and the business-targeted CradlePoint wireless broadband router, both of which redistribute capacity from mobile broadband connections to multiple WiFi devices. more

No prepaid price war for Boost, just everyone else

Regional CDMA operator Leap Wireless (NASDAQ:LEAP) announced this week it would add unlimited mobile Web surfing and 411 services to its $40 per month unlimited voice and texting plan. Leap’s plan is now comparable to MetroPCS’ (NYSE:PCS) $40 package announced last week, and marks the latest competitive move in the prepaid space, one increasingly defined by industry-wide falling price points. more

VZW not giving up on BREW

In addition to officially opening the doors to its developer portal, Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ, NYSE:VOD) announced it is teaming up with Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) Internet Services (QIS) to promote growth on of the BREW platform. The two companies announced the partnership yesterday at Verizon’s Developer Conference in San Jose. more

iPhone still a boon (and a curse) for AT&T

AT&T’s wireless results last quarter were the mirror image of those the quarter before. In Q1, AT&T (NYSE:Tsaw a meager increase in wireless data revenues but saw a healthy expansion to its wireless operating margins. In Q2, the opposite occurred: AT&T’s data revenues shot up $200 million and its data ARPU’s increased by $1.24 per month, but its margins dropped back down below 40% to 38.3%. The explanation for this flip-flopping? The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone, of course. more

Apple cuts Pre off at the source

Don’t mess with Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) or you will get shut down. That’s the message the software giant is sending to Palm (NASDAQ:PALM) over its new Pre handset. Apple reportedly issued a software update to iTunes to fix software bugs and address “an issue with verification of Apple devices,” meaning if it’s not an iPhone or iPod (aka the Pre), it can no longer synch with iTunes. more

Symbian launches open-development program

The Symbian Foundation today announced a launch date for its application-publishing program, Symbian Horizon, available to the public in October. The platform opens up app development suport to developers across the globe who will receive assistance in building and promoting apps for Symbian devices. more

Boost pushes $50 unlimited plan to CDMA customers

Driven by the success of Boost Mobile’s unlimited $50 prepaid plan, Sprint is now offering its CDMA prepaid customers the same deal in an effort to reconcile prepaid plans across its two networks. Boost CDMA customer are small in number compared to iDEN customers, and Sprint said it would continue to focus Boost services on the iDEN network, but Sprint may also be walking a dangerous line. Sprint is now offering two plans that both essentially offer unlimited voice, SMS and data, UNLTD by Boost at $50 a month Sprint’s Simply Everything plan, priced at $100 a month. more


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